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About the competition

BookVision is an international competition reflecting the book art from students of art colleges and faculties of education. The competition presents student artist’s books in the broadest sense, but also book-objects and other book artefacts that conceive the book as a medium for free artistic creation.

Rules and conditions of participation
in the international student
BookVision competition 

The competition is open to students of art colleges and universities as well as faculties of education from the Czech Republic and abroad. BookVision is organized by the Book Design Studio of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music, University of Ostrava.

The final deadline for application submission is March 1st 2024!

Students can submit their works in three categories: 

  1. Artist's book
    Books created by the author as a complex work of art, conceptual artist's books, picture artist's books. Bibliophilia does not fall into the category.

  2. Book-object
    Unique book objects, sculptures and experiments with the material of the book block.

  3. Other media
    Instalations, digital media, videoart, artist's e-books, multimedia projects, interactive books etc.

Students may submit one entry per category. Works can be created using any art technique and must be no more than three years old. Participants pay no registration fees; all costs incurred in participating in the competition and submitting of works are the sole responsibility of the participants.  

Works will be judged by an expert jury. The jury will select one winning work of art in each category

and also a shortlist of works of art for an exhibition to be held at the Faculty of Fine Arts Gallery (GaFU) and included in the catalogue. All participants will be informed by email whether they have been selected for the exhibition and are also be invited to submit works if appropriate. The entries must be delivered no later than April 1st 2024 to:


Book design studio (BookVision)

Faculty of Arts of the University of Ostrava

Podlahova 3

709 00 Ostrava

The organizer reserves the right not to justify the selection of the jury and possible non-inclusion of the work in the exhibition.

The exhibition will take place in May 15th 2024 at the GaFU Gallery in Ostrava.


After the end of the exhibition and its possible reruns, the participating works of art will be returned to participants at the organizer’s expense. Participating artists will receive a catalogue. The authors of the winning entries will receive an original commemorative document. 

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